Travel in Weihai

Shandong Weihai, A Garden-like City by the Sea

In Weihai, there are many beautiful places that you need to have a visit. Such as, Liugong island (located inside weihai city), Chengshantou (located in Rongcheng district), and Shengjingshan Mountain (located in Wengdeng city, here you can experience the culture of the traditional chinese religion Dao). Also you need to experience the life in Weihai as a fisherman.

Beaches, Weihai is by the coast and has many nice beaches.Weihai has lots of beautiful parks. Such as Weihai Park,Huancuilou park and so on. Bus or taxi - both are efficient and cheap. The bus routes are conveniently and clearly marked on the English/Chinese map sold around town so it's easy. All the taxi cars have been changed (2016) to new vehicles and this upgrade programme is still ongoing. As such, modern, clean and with highly regulated metres. The male and female drivers tend not to speak anything other than Chinese, however the majority are friendly, helpful and eager to get you there.

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