Call for Papers

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We encourage original submissions related to, but not limited to, the following advanced energy materials based system topics:

Big Data Models and Algorithms

  • Foundational Models for Big Data
  • Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
  • Big Data Analytics and Metrics
  • Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data

Big Data Architectures

  • Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
  • Big Data as a Service
  • Big Data Open Platforms
  • Big Data in Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Big Data Management

  • Big Data Persistence and Preservation
  • Big Data Quality and Provenance Control
  • Big Data Storage and Retrieval

Big Data Security and Privacy

  • Big Data System Security and Integrity
  • Big Data Information Security
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics
  • Usable Security and Privacy for Big Data

Big Data in Smart Cities

  • Big Data for Improving Resilient Infrastructures
  • Big Data Applications such as Healthcare and Transportation
  • Big Data for Enterprise, Government, and Society
  • Big Data for Science and Engineering Research

Big Data Search, Mining, and Visualization

  • Algorithms and Systems for Big Data Search
  • Distributed, and Peer-to-peer Search
  • Machine learning based on Big Data
  • Visualization Analytics for Big Data

Technical Papers

Authors can consider two types of submissions:

  • Regular Papers (limited to 8 A4 pages).

  • Abstracts (consider oral or poster presentation only, abstract will not be published into conference proceedings)


    Oral&Poster Presentations

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